Sassy Silver Smith


Trick R Treat (2007)

Directed by Michael Dougherty

Four interwoven stories that occur on Halloween.


Incredible crocheted food by Hipota


Fox Paws is finally published! I kept images of this wrap off the internet for months waiting for fall. It was so difficult because the pattern turned out so nicely. The yarn used in the greenish sample is Knit Picks Palette, a perfect yarn for colorful projects.

The pattern uses only stripes to create the motif, as a result, the fabric is stretchy, not stiff like fairisle knitting.

It really reminds me of a bunch of tiny paws, and that is a happy thought.

To see more (like stats and yarn colors) visit the pattern page on ravelry.


"DC Bombshells" — bAnt Lucia


Märta Mattsson 


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